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Running Backs 2019 NFL

No dream football cheat sheet is finished without a decent arrangement of running back rankings. All things considered, watch that – no cheat sheet is finished without a few arrangements of RB rankings. Of course, the top level is likely going to be the equivalent, however one individual’s sleeper is someone else’s bust. Your draft technique (“Zero-RB”? Cuff or no bind? Evade damage/suspension/holdout/board of trustees dangers or simply take best accessible?) may be the direct inverse of another owner’s; and the distinction among standard and PPR rankings may be more emotional than some other position.

No position is going to cause a greater number of migraines all through the season than running back. It’s the most basic situation in dream football, however recollect that you can represent such a great amount during your draft. Wounds will happen; sudden breakouts/droops will occur, and TDs will get vultured. Profundity is vital, and giving yourself alternatives is a large portion of the fight.

RB looks stacked on paper, yet there a ton of potential stresses. Todd Gurley has joint pain, Le’Veon Bell has invested more energy rapping than playing football the previous year, and Melvin Gordon and Ezekiel Elliott are waiting (however ‘Zeke’s back, with the goal that’s a large portion of the fight). Toss in your standard damage concerns, new kid on the block/second-year vulnerability, and council circumstances, and you have a chaotic arrangement of names. The uplifting news is some third stringer who’s not in any case recorded in these rankings will end up beginning for groups in the dream playoffs…so, we have that going for us.

At last, preseason rankings are about ability, anticipated remaining task at hand, and hazard/compensate appraisal. We realize patterns can change on a week after week premise dependent on approaches, so don’t get excessively OK with anybody outside of the top level. In the event that you have a solid inclination about a specific sleeper, proceed and “overdraft” him. At this position, anybody can satisfy and anybody can flounder.

These rankings will be balanced all through the preseason, so inquire for continuous updates and extra examination.

1. Saquon Barkley, Giants. You never know how first-year RBs are going to fare, but Barkley ran right through the rookie wall last year, leading the league in total yards (2,028) and scoring 15 touchdowns on 352 touches. He will likely go first in most drafts — and he’s certainly worth that distinction — but the relative lack of other weapons on the Giants could lead to increased focus from defenses. Of course, Barkley dealt with that to some degree last season and it didn’t slow him down, so we’re not all that worried. He’s a monster and should be a monster again this year.
2. Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys. Zeke led the league in carries (304) last year and saw a career-high 95 targets (fifth among all RBs). He also led the league in rushing by over 120 yards. Despite all of this, Elliott scored a relatively mediocre nine TDs — the same amount he scored in his 10-game 2017 campaign. The potential is there for a 20-TD season from Zeke, and while he might not hit that number, you know he’s going to get as many chances as anyone in the league…assuming he ends his holdout, of course. (Update: He’s back.)
3. Alvin Kamara, Saints. Mark Ingram is finally gone, but Latavius Murray was signed to take his place. Still, we think Kamara can have an even bigger role in the offense and continue to score at an almost league-leading clip. It’s worth remembering that Kamara put up monster stats in Weeks 1-4 without Ingram last year (611 total yards, six TDs), so perhaps we’re expecting too much, but he remains one of the most talented all-around backs in the league and plays for one of the most high-powered offenses. Kamara averaged 16.7 touches and more than a touchdown per game even when Ingram was active, so we know the kind of damage he can do.
4. Christian McCaffrey, Panthers. McCaffrey proved the doubters like us wrong last year, totaling 1,965 yards, scoring 13 TDs, and leading all RBs in receptions (107, eighth overall). There’s no real reason to doubt his durability anymore, though we still have (slight) doubts about his ability to consistently put up touchdowns like the other top-tier backs. Obviously, McCaffrey is a beast in any format, but there’s a case to be made for him as the top overall PPR player.
5. Le’Veon Bell, Jets. The last time we saw Bell on the field, he was leading the league with 406 touches and totaling 1,946 yards with the Steelers. After sitting out last year, the 27-year-old back got a big deal to join the Jets in the offseason. It’s fair to wonder how motivated Bell will be and how he’ll adjust to a new system, but we can’t doubt his talent. He might not lead the league in touches again, but he should see at least 20 per game. Make no mistake, there’s bust potential here (after all, Bell averaged just 4.0 ypc in 2017), but Bell also has the tools to finish as the top fantasy back.

Top 14 NFL on this Week: Chiefs’ collapse will Dominate AFC West

Would we be able to truly say that considering the way things have played out? The division is a wreck at this moment, with three 6-6 groups tied at the best and every one of the three having had times of shocking play AFC West  this season.

The Los Angeles Chargers, Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs by one means or another get themselves fixing with a month to go, despite the fact that the Chiefs began 5-0 and the Chargers began 0-4.

The last a month will be fun, beginning this week in Kansas City when the Chiefs play host to the Raiders. Kansas City has lost four straight amusements, including the last three to strong Giants, Bills and Jets, as it tries to clutch the best spot.

The offense was to be faulted for a significant part of the Chiefs’ tumble from the quick begin, however the barrier has been a noteworthy issue throughout the entire season. That unit should venture up against the Raiders this week, regardless of whether Oakland’s offense hasn’t verged on resembling the 2016 unit.

The Chargers will have the Washington Redskins this week, which is an amusement the Chargers should win, setting up a fun three-diversion extend keep running in the AFC West.

I figure the Raiders will beat the Chiefs this week since that Kansas City safeguard is so awful right at this point. Which of the three groups is the scariest for potential playoff adversaries? It’s obviously the Chargers, who have a big deal passer in Philip Rivers and a dynamic match of pass rushers in Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram.

The Chiefs would be third on my rundown now. In any case, a triumph over Oakland could change their way. In the event that they don’t win this week, that 5-0 open to the season will appear to be such a long time ago you’d think Len Dawson began those diversions.

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